About the Artist

Dori Bolen

Dori is a mixed-media artist and designer of historical period jewelry. She was raised
in California, and from an early age nurtured her creativity in a variety of
fields. She studied theatre and majored in Dramatic Arts. She enjoyed a career
in dance, gaining a teaching degree and running her own dance classes for eight
years. Dori later gained a degree in computer science which allowed her to
combine work with travel, and she started gathering ideas and imagery from a
myriad of cultures and sources of history – inspiration that still has the
strongest influence on her artwork today.

Dori’s latest creations, including jewelry boxes, shadow boxes, hand mirrors and
necklaces, have been described as present-day museum pieces. Her work is
influenced by Renaissance art, old masters and paintings of historical figures,
and she is intrigued by castles and other ancient buildings. She brings a new
dimension to decoupage: a mix of hand-applied heritage paints, craquelé and
fine metals, various methods of layering, and techniques of alchemy that were
used by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century.

Dori’s art is mainly self-taught, although she has gained techniques from her son, David. David has a masters in Fine Arts and regularly shows his
tromp l’oeil paintings in Hollywood galleries. In 2004, Dori started designing bridal jewelry, exhibiting her work at the Ritz Carlton bridal show in San Francisco.

She has exhibited her more recent mixed media artwork widely throughout the United States, including the Mountain View A La Carte Art Festival, San Anselmo and Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festivals, Pleasanton Harvest Festival and Danville Art Festival. Dori has been featured in the Worldwide Guild of Découpeurs, Fremont Festival of the Arts and Women's Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. Dori has most recently been commissioned to create unique pieces of art for the Peploe exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. She has a strong emotional connection with Scotland and visits the country several times a year. For the rest of her time she lives and works in Northern California with her husband, Brent, and her adorable dachshund, Skippy.